No prerecorded Lectures.

The most comprehensive KCET-2020 preparation course. Interact live with Mentor, Clear your doubts live during session, Post your unsolved questions live during session, Individual attention and many more features.


All you need is a Laptop/Desktop and internet connection. Make your dream a reality from safety and comfort of your home.

Course Starts: 3rd April- 2020- Admission Closed for this batch
Next Batch- 15th April-2020

75+ hours of live teaching by Founder and Mentor-Dipankar Choudhury (IIT,IIM- 20+ yrs of experience), Mock KCET Papers, Individual Exam taking strategies and more. All that you need to crack KCET 2020


An intensive program that will help you to revise and master all the important concepts and chapters in Mathematics required for you to crack KCET-2020.


An intensive program that will help you to revise and master all the important concepts and chapters in Physics required for you to crack KCET-2020.


An intensive program that will help you to revise and master all the important concepts and chapters in Chemistry required for you to crack KCET-2020.

Three separate tracks in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are available KCET CRACKER 2020 Online course for students. Students can opt for any one or two all three tracks together. Number of slots are limited. Preference will be given to students who opt for all three tracks together. 

Mathematics-Physics-Chemistry Track

This is the most comprehensive course for KCET 2020 covering all aspects of KCET..

Engineering aspirants can avail all the three tracks together or any combination as per their choice.

Medical aspirants can avail Physics and Chemistry or any combination of their choice. 

KCET has substantial weightage of 11th and 12th syllabus. To get a good rank it is important to revise the 11th and 12th syllabus. We help you do exactly that with focus on important modules and chapters from 11th and 12th.

Students doubts will be cleared instantly during the session itself so that every student is at par in the class. 

Sessions will be conducted with a quick review of important concepts in a particular chapter handled for the session. In case some concepts are required to be explained in detail as per the students requirement, the same shall be done in class.

In each session, class illustration problems will be taken up from past year so that each student can related the concepts and the kind of problems KCET has asked in the past and what they are expected to face. 

Home work problem sheets will be provided to student after completion of each module or chapter as the case may be. Students are expected to solve them and also let the mentor know if they are unable to solve a particular problem or problems across subjects

Surprise quizzes in class will be conducted so that students readiness level can be checked and to cross check that no student is left behind.

In every session, Important and useful tips and techniques will be provided to save time in actual exam scenario. This will enable and ensure maximizing marks and ranks for students

Individual test taking strategy will be discussed with students as per their strengths and weakness in a particular subject or their preference of a particular subject

3 Mock KCET papers per subject will be conducted offline and discussion of papers will be conducted after each test so that student can understand where and how to improve their score. The number of papers can be increased depending on when KCET is being held.

In case of announcement by KEA about postponement of KCET 2020, during the course, the course will be extended at no extra cost and if announcement comes after course completion- 3 review sessions will be conducted before the actual date of KCET 2020 at no extra cost

If you are our student, we @DCGURKUL do not leave you in the middle. We will be there with you till you finish your KCET 2020.

Program and Class duration and timings

Medium of Instruction- English

Program starts- 3rd April 2020.

Program Ending Date: 21st April-2020. However this date is tentative. If KCET gets postponed, the program will be extended. 

The current schedule will be shared with students who joins the program.

Mathematics track- 25+ hours of live teaching

Physics track- 25+ hours of live teaching

Chemistry track- 25+ hours of live teaching

Each class session will be for 1.15 mins. The duration may change per session at a later stage depending on the KEA announcement of KCET exact date if postponed.

Class timings will be from 9am to 1pm every day of the week. However all the four hours or all 7 days may not be utlised. Students are advised to keep this time slot free if they wish to join this program.Also advised to keep 3-5pm slot free on Saturdays and Sundays.  

As per the current plan, No of sessions per day will be 2 to 3 daily. Each session will have a break of 5 minutes in between for changeover. Only one batch will be conducted, hence no options will be available for the student. 

At any time slot, number of students is restricted to maximum of  10 (ten) students per group per track.

Technology and How it works

Sessions are conducted with Skype’s Voice-over-IP service and DCGURUKUL’s online whiteboard technology partner. At times Zoom’s Voice-over-IP service may be used. Mentor will use a pen tablet to write and explain concepts in the white-board. Student may procure a compatible pen tablet for interactive learning to write on the board during session. If pen tablet is not available with student, student can write basic staff using their computer mouse.  

Student need to only download Skype in their PC or laptop. It’s free. Once that is done, they should share the Skype id with DCGURUKUL to be used during class. For better sound, a noise free environment or a headset that can filter background noise is recommended. Pen-tablet is an option for the student but recommended if they want better experience. Students are advised to use Google chrome browser for the sessions.

Student should log-in to their Skype account 5 minutes before the scheduled time for class. Mentor would connect the students before the beginning of each session and give access to classroom session. Student may be prompted to login. Ensure that you are there to pick the call and join the class. Once everybody joins, session is ready to begin. Students are advised to keep class decorum. Everyone’s query and doubt will be addressed during session. Students are advised to keep pen and paper ready to solve in-class problems and if asked solve on the white board. 

Student will receive an email after the session, with notes of whatever is taught during the session. They need not take notes during session. Any home work or assignments or tests will be posted to them. 

Who should consider joining

Karnataka Students or students who are eligible tof KCET 2020 and who have the focus, determination and most importantly appearing KCET in English should consider joining this program. You may be located in a remote village but if you have a laptop or a desktop and an internet connection, you can join the program.

Students who have started their preparation now or looking to start and in search of a comprehensive program to help them prepare for KCET 2020, this is the course to join.

Students who have prepared earlier from somewhere but looking forward to a professional guidance and a comprehensive program to boost their rank are welcome to join.

Engineering aspirants can join all the three tracks of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Medical aspirants can join for Physics and Chemistry track.

Fee structure

The actual model of fee will be discussed during initial one to one interaction with You and Your parents and after understanding your requirements. 

Only Maths- Rs 8500/

Only Physics: Rs 8500/

Only Chemistry- Rs 8500/

Maths + Physics= Rs 15000/ 

Maths + Chemistry= Rs 15000

Chemistry + Physics= Rs 15000

Complete course fee is Rs 18,500/

If YOU and Your friends Join in a group- all of You will be eligible for group discount- on respective program/track that each one of you chose to join as per the following scheme:

Group of 3 joining together – (Discount- 7.5% on the respective course fee)

Group of 4-5 Joining together(Discount- 10% on the respective course fee)– 

Group of 6 or more:(Discount- 12.5% on the respective course fee)

How to Join?

Interaction with You and your Parents to understand your requirements, current academic level and aspirations and Parental expectations from the program. 

Preferred Mode of Interaction: Skype call- Duration 15-20mins

If Skype call is not possible then we can interact over Phone.

Student to share Skype ID or Phone number on which they wish to be contacted

Once you and your Parents feel comfortable and we also feel that we can contribute meaningfully in your career aspirations and exceed your Parental expectations- together, we will finalize the Program track suitable for You.  Please note- the timings are fixed. 

If you can adjust to the timings with your other commitments, we can move forward.

Discussion of fee/commercial terms based on your chosen track and if any group discounts will be applicable. Once that is decided and finalized with your parents, you will be required to attend a Demo Session

You will be required to attend a demo session. The timings of demo session will be intimated to you by Phone/Email/Whats’app.

You will be required to install Skype in your Laptop/Desktop and share the same with us before the demo session.

The purpose of the demo session are the following:

1. To make you familiarize with out technology system

2. What to do in case of any glitches?

3. How a real classroom environment may look like?

4. What to do post session? 

Once you are comfortable with demo session, you will be required to pay your fee in advance for the confirmation of your seat in your chosen track. You will be shared Bank account details in which you need to pay the fees within the stipulated time given to you and email or whats’app the reference number for our verification.

Please note: Attending demo session is not a confirmation of your seat in the program.

Once payment of fee is verified, you will receive an email from us confirming your seat for the program track you have chosen and the corresponding Session schedule for the program track.

Program specific FAQ's

Currently we are not offering our live program on Mobile. We feel Mobile is best suited for pre-recorded lectures or monologue based lectures (where Your teacher talks and you just listen, you can’t do much). We do not offer such programs. Since we are offering live and interactive program where your involvement and participation is crucial for your learning and understanding, we would recommend you access this program from your laptop or desktop.

No problem, even without pen tablet, you can participate in the session. You can use your laptop/desktop mouse to write on the board, or put up a question on board for others to view, chat with your mentor, there are many ways you can be a proactive learner in our system even without a pen-tablet. However having a pen-tablet is useful for online interactive learning.

We do not recommend any particular brand or company. Our technology is compatible with any pen-tablet. As a student we recommend you to procure a basis model. If you want to know more you can write to us or ask us during the demo session.

Yes, you can join other track/s later or you can join a program later if seats are available. However if the track/s that you contemplate on joining has progressed far you would lose those sessions. So our advice is that you choose the program/track that is best suited for you and try to join from the beginning. If you need any help, please feel free to call or write to us.

We do not have any alternate timing. We are running only one batch for this program. So before you join kindly check if you can maintain the requisite hours free for this program.

If there is a glitch at your end, you can wait or rectify it at your end. You can join back the session once you have done that.  If session gets over and you are unable to join back during the session, you will get your notes for the day in your email for you to review. No additional sessions will be conducted.


If there is a glitch at our end, we will try to rectify it as soon as possible and if not able to do so within the stipulated session time, an alternate time for the session will be provided for make-up.

If you miss a session, we are afraid, we cannot do much. Since we are running only batch for this program, no alternate session can be arranged. However, we will try to make up for your loss by reinforcing the concepts wherever and whenever possible so that you do not feel left out. In any case, you will receive your class notes, immediately after the session. 

Fee for the program has to be paid in advance at the beginning of the program by bank transfer (IMPS) to the account that will be shared with your parents/you during program finalization stage. Reference number for the fee paid transaction to be shared and your parent/you will receive an acknowledgement mail for the same confirming your seat for the program along with your session schedule for the track.

Currently we do not offer any refund policy for this program.