Grade X- Board- Mission 2021

This program is exclusively designed for students who wants to score 90% and above in Mathematics and Science (Physics and Chemistry) in Board 2021, irrespective of their current academic knowledge. Our Unique methodology and years of expertise, ensures students performance. Talk to us to get started

Live and Interactive- No pre-recorded lectures.

This program is only available for students appearing in CBSE Board and State Boards (Any) Exams-2021

Interact live with Mentor, Clear your doubts live during session, Post your unsolved questions live during session, Individual attention and many more features.

Course Starting Date: Coming soon
Admission Open


Comprehensive program that not only covers your grade X syllabus in depth but also addresses all issues in concepts that you might have accumulated over the years

Science (Physics and Chemistry)

Our science program is designed to make you understand, admire and assimilate the nuances of Physics and Chemistry and prepare you thoroughly not only for any challenge in the Board exam but also prepares your conceptual foundation for future.

Do You Feel or Resonate with some of the below situations?

Inconsistency of scores is a symptom not a problem. It’s like this if you have stomach ache it is a symptom not a problem. Your inconsistency can be due to various factors like your conceptual and application ability of current concepts of your grade and previous grades, your approach towards problem solving, your interest level, your examination temperament and whole lot of academic and behavioral factors. We @ DCGURUKUL, analyze every area before we come out with a comprehensive solution to your problem. 

Confidence comes once you can start solving questions by yourself. For that you as a student need to be honest with yourself and devote time in understanding the concepts and more so in application ability of the concepts. More often than not student resort to the short cut technique of mapping a given problem with solved examples or see solution or resort to teacher to solve it. Remember, if you are chasing questions you will never feel confident whereas if you are chasing concepts and devote time to try to solve it yourself and analyse where you have gone wrong, chances are you will feel good about yourself and do well.

Your consistency of scores is a direct function of a lot of academic and your behavioral factors. At times most students focus on academic inputs but may not that much on their behavioral front. Please understand, consistency comes if you are well equipped with all conceptual and application ability, do practice in the right way, do not resort to shortcuts like mapping solved examples or seeing solutions and most importantly your exam temperament and exam taking strategies aligned with your strength and weakness. 

Solving all questions does not guarantee you success in exams. Please understand questions are infinite but concepts are limited. If you chase questions, chances are you may or may not do well but if you chase concepts and application of concepts, you will always do well. 

Well, mistakes are not silly. You must be silly to commit the mistake. One more thing, at times we pass our mistakes on as a silly one without analyzing it. If you do so you will inevitably find there are gaps in your learning process may be from previous grades or may be issue with your temperaments and focus. Please note, database way of managing Mathematics and Science problems will not help in the long run though it might fetch you dividend in the short run. As told earlier chase concepts not questions. If you forget formula it is a clear sign that you have not understood and internalized the concept.

If you have realized it, we think you are in the right track. Most students will have some issues or the other in their lower grades concepts. Once you identify that you must take immediate steps to rectify it. Unfortunately many students won’t come out in the open to acknowledge and take proactive measures to rectify it and most teachers won’t have the time to do so. We @ DCGURUKUL are always proactive in identifying your gaps and suggesting and taking remedial measure to make you feel confident.  

If you are aspiring to make your career in Mathematics or Science field, we suggest you have an idea about what would come your way in higher grades and how what you are studying today will be relevant for you. Most students may fail to do so and most teachers also hardly make an attempt to make the students realize. You as a student do stand to gain if you focus on the conceptual understanding and application of what you are studying today not only in your board exams but also for your higher grades.

Well, we @DCGURUKUL do not blame you if you feel so about Mathematics and Science. May be the way you have been introduced to Mathematics and Science in your earlier academic years deserves a lot more. We sure would like to ensure that your journey in Mathematics and Science at-least for the period you are with us will be enjoyable and we will make it our mission to help you to do your best of your potential in your board exam. May be you would start appreciating the fascinating world of Maths and Science.  

You have to know your learning style as a learner, your fit with your mentor style or the channel you are choosing to learn from. Please note, just by going to tuitions or watching online videos will not guarantee that you will learn Mathematics and Physics. If you require hand holding to apply concepts, do ask for it. Unfortunately tuitions where a large number of students go, you may not be the priority. We @ DCGURUKUL, treat individual student as important and we work closely with you and your family to ensure that your learning is holistic and lifelong and in the process ensure that you score well in the school exams and most importantly Board exams. 

Mathematics-Science Track - CBSE & State Boards (Any)

Mathematics track covers all topics and concepts required in Mathematics for CBSE Board and Karnataka State Board including conceptual clarity on previously learned topics in lower grades.

Science track covers all topics and concepts required in Physics and Chemistry for CBSE Board and Karnataka State Board. 

Board pattern has changed. You must be absolutely thorough with all concepts in every topic for you to score maximum in both Maths and Science. We provide you an in-depth coverage of all possible concepts across all topics that can be asked in your Board exam, so that you are prepared for any challenges

Each session is a mix of concepts and application of those concepts from past years Board papers. The key idea is to make students familiar about the kind of questions they are expected to face concepts/topic wise.

Students doubts will be addressed every session during the session. However we understand that some doubts will remain in students mind, so we conduct periodic doubt clearing and revision sessions. This ensures students do not loose touch with previous concepts learned and also reinforces the conceptual understanding and thrashing out any misconceptions that they might have developed.

Exclusive problem solving sessions are conducted periodically either end of a topic or a group of topics where subjective problem solving skills will be discussed with steps as per Board Marking scheme. These sessions helps to boost students confidence, strengthen their concepts even more and gain insight on how to maximize their marks in School exams, Pre-Board and actual Board exam

Students are provided with assignments and homework periodically which they have to submit within deadline. All assignments and homework are corrected and graded.

Surprise quizzes are conducted and graded to check students readiness level. If found wanting in the standard set by DCGURUKUL, sessions may be repeated.

Monthly review meeting will be conducted with Individual student and parent either over Skype or in person. Review meeting timings will be notified to student and parent via email and whatsapp. 

Periodic tests will be conducted module wise or chapter wise to improve speed and accuracy and to review concepts. Test taking strategy will be discussed to improve score and rank.

10 Mock papers will be conducted each for Mathematics and Science as per the latest CBSE and Karnataka State Board pattern

Two additonal rounds of complete course revision will be conducted- One before Pre-Board exam in School and one before actual Board exams.

Program and Class duration and timings

Starts April 3rd week- 2020- till March 2021 or till the last day of Board exam –   depending on the Board for which you joined us.

Each Session will be 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Timing for Session: Only one session will be conducted in a day. Tentative Timing is to 11pm.

However till coronavirus threat is there and student may have sufficient time at their disposal, an alternate timing will be worked out.Alternate timing will be conveyed to students who join the program.

Depending on the subjects undertaken, number of classes may vary from minimum 2 classes per week to 4 classes per week. Additional sessions may be allocated depending on Student progress. Only Weekday-Weekend Combination, option is available.

Only one batch will be conducted across the year for this program.

Number of students is restricted to 10 (ten) students per batch.

Technology and How it works

Sessions are conducted with Skype’s Voice-over-IP service and DCGURUKUL’s online whiteboard technology partner. At times Zoom’s Voice-over-IP service may be used. Mentor will use a pen tablet to write and explain concepts in the white-board. Student may procure a compatible pen tablet for interactive learning to write on the board during session. If pen tablet is not available with student, student can write basic staff using their computer mouse.  

Student need to only download Skype in their PC or laptop. It’s free. Once that is done, they should share the Skype id with DCGURUKUL to be used during class. For better sound, a noise free environment or a headset that can filter background noise is recommended. Pen-tablet is an option for the student but recommended if they want better experience. Students are advised to use Google chrome browser for the sessions.

Student should log-in to their Skype account 5 minutes before the scheduled time for class. Mentor would connect the students before the beginning of each session and give access to classroom session. Student may be prompted to login. Ensure that you are there to pick the call and join the class. Once everybody joins, session is ready to begin. Students are advised to keep class decorum. Everyone’s query and doubt will be addressed during session. Students are advised to keep pen and paper ready to solve in-class problems and if asked solve on the white board. 

Student will receive an email after the session, with notes of whatever is taught during the session. They need not take notes during session. Any home work or assignments or tests will be posted to them. 

Who should consider joining

Students who are focused and determined to do well in the Grade Xth Board exam are welcome to join this program irrespective of their current academic knowledge or their liking for a subject.  Please note, you must have sufficient time at your disposal for your own practice and time for assimilation and internalization of what your learnt in the day. Running around multiple places wont help you. In online mode, you also need to be extremely disciplined to take maximum advantage.You must prioritize your time, every day for the next 10-12 months to achieve what you want. Don’t forget- periodic revision of what you have studied earlier.

If you want to improve your conceptual understanding or application ability or you want to prepare yourself for the future or struggling with Maths or Science or both, this program is ideal for you, irrespective of whether or not you are enrolled some where else. 

Most students in the name of online education understands either watching You-tube video, or watching pre-recorded lectures or listening to teachers monologue sitting in a group of 200 or 500 in the name of live classes. We @ DCGURUKUL do not offer any such kind of benefits for students. In our system, student has to be proactive, interactive, engage himself or herself during a session, discuss, debate and most importantly learn. It is like a real classroom environment with that much more focus and a group of like minded peers with a dedicated mentor.   

Students who are unable to join our flagship classroom program because of their existing time commitments either in school  or coaching institutions/tuition centres they have already enrolled themselves with but are struggling with their Maths and Science concepts are welcome to join this program.

Students who are based out of Bangalore but have to travel more than 20 minutes to reach our location can also avail this program.

If you can afford the time and can manage the distance, we recommend you look at our classroom program. .

Fee structure

The actual model of fee will be discussed during initial one to one interaction with your parents and after understanding your requirements. 

Only Maths- Rs 5000/ per month

Only Science (Physics and Chemistry only): Rs 5000/ per month

Maths + Science = Rs 7500/ per month 

Fee to be paid quarterly and in Advance. 

Quarter 1: April to June 2020, Quarter 2: July-September 2020, Quarter 3:: October- December 2020 Quarter 4: Jan- March.2021

Quarterly Payment cycle:1st quarter Payment to be made at the time of joining the program. 2nd quarter payment will be due on 1st of July 2020, 3rd quarter payment will due on 1st of October 2020 and 4th Quarter payment will be due on 1st of January 2021. All payments to be made within 2 working days from the due date.

Student joining in between a quarter, need to pay for that month of joining irrespective of the date of joining and remaining month/s of that quarter and the balance quarters as and when due as per the quarterly payment cycle scheme.   


If YOU and Your friends Join in a group- You will be eligible for group discount- on respective program/track that each one of you chose to join as per the following scheme:

Group of 3 joining together – (Discount- 7.5% on the respective course fee)

Group of 4-5 Joining together(Discount- 10% on the respective course fee)– 

Group of 6 or more:(Discount- 12.5% on the respective course fee)

How to Join?

Interaction with You and your Parents to understand your requirements, current academic level and aspirations and Parental expectations from the program. 

Preferred Mode of Interaction: Skype call- Duration 15-20mins

If Skype call is not possible then we can interact over Phone.

Student to share Skype ID or Phone number on which they wish to be contacted

Once you and your Parents feel comfortable and we also feel that we can contribute meaningfully in your career aspirations and exceed your Parental expectations- together, we will finalize the Program track suitable for You.  Please note- the timings are fixed. 

If you can adjust to the timings with your other commitments, we can move forward.

Discussion of fee/commercial terms based on your chosen track and if any group discounts will be applicable. Once that is decided and finalized with your parents, you will be required to attend a Demo Session

You will be required to attend a demo session. The timings of demo session will be intimated to you by Phone/Email/Whats’app.

You will be required to install Skype in your Laptop/Desktop and share the same with us before the demo session.

The purpose of the demo session are the following:

1. To make you familiarize with out technology system

2. What to do in case of any glitches?

3. How a real classroom environment may look like?

4. What to do post session? 

Once you are comfortable with demo session, you will be required to pay your fee in advance for the confirmation of your seat in your chosen track. You will be shared Bank account details in which you need to pay the fees as per fee payment schedule within the stipulated time given to you and email or whats’app the reference number for our verification.

Please note: Attending demo session is not a confirmation of your seat in the program.

Once payment of fee is verified, you will receive an email from us confirming your seat for the program track you have chosen and the corresponding Session schedule for the program track.Fee for the remaining quarters to be paid as per fee payment schedule

Program specific FAQ's

Currently we do not recommend our live program on Mobile, however options are available. We feel Mobile is best suited for pre-recorded lectures or monologue based lectures (where Your teacher talks and you just listen, you can’t do much). We do not offer such programs. Since we are offering live and interactive program where your involvement and participation is crucial for your learning and understanding, we would recommend you access this program from your laptop or desktop. 

No problem, even without pen tablet, you can participate in the session. You can use your laptop/desktop mouse to write on the board, or put up a question on board for others to view, chat with your mentor, there are many ways you can be a proactive learner in our system even without a pen-tablet. However having a pen-tablet is useful for online interactive learning.

We do not recommend any particular brand or company. Our technology is compatible with any pen-tablet. As a student we recommend you to procure a basis model. If you want to know more you can write to us or ask us during the demo session.

Yes, you can join other track later or you can join a program later if seats are available. However if the track/s that you contemplate on joining has progressed far you would lose those sessions. So our advice is that you choose the program/track that is best suited for you and try to join from the beginning. If you need any help, please feel free to call or write to us.

Yes, you can, provided there are seats available. Our classroom programs seats are limited and you may also loose out financially if you wish to shift in between quarter. We suggest you go through our classroom program offerings and if you feel that is best suited for you, we suggest you talk to us even before you join the Online program. We are sure to find a solution suited for your need.

If there is a glitch at your end, you can wait or rectify it at your end. You can join back the session once you have done that.  If session gets over and you are unable to join back during the session, you will get your notes for the day in your email for you to review. No additional sessions will be conducted.


If there is a glitch at our end, we will try to rectify it as soon as possible and if not able to do so within the stipulated session time, an alternate time for the session will be provided for make-up.

If you miss a session, we are afraid, we cannot do much. Since we are running only batch for this program, no alternate session can be arranged. However, we will try to make up for your loss by reinforcing the concepts wherever and whenever possible so that you do not feel left out. In any case, you will receive your class notes, immediately after the session. 

Fee for the program has to be paid quarterly in advance at mentioned in the payment scheme of Fee Structure section, by bank transfer (IMPS) to the designated account that will be shared with your parents/you during program finalization stage. Reference number for the fee paid transaction to be shared and your parent/you will receive an acknowledgement mail for the same confirming your seat for the program along with your session schedule for the track. The same needs to be done every quarter.

Currently we do not offer any refund policy for this program.