Grade X- Board- Mission 2021

If you are aiming for Grade X Board exams in 2021, our classroom program is the best bet for you. Our unique methodology and years of expertise will go a long way to score more than 90% in Maths, Physics and Chemistry, despite your current academic level of knowledge and comfort zone with these subjects. Call us to get started

CBSE Board

Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry)


Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

State Board

Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry) for Karnataka State Board

Do You Feel or Resonate with some of the below situations?

Inconsistency of scores is a symptom not a problem. It’s like this if you have stomach ache it is a symptom not a problem. Your inconsistency can be due to various factors like your conceptual and application ability of current concepts of your grade and previous grades, your approach towards problem solving, your interest level, your examination temperament and whole lot of academic and behavioral factors. We @ DCGURUKUL, analyze every area before we come out with a comprehensive solution to your problem. 

Confidence comes once you can start solving questions by yourself. For that you as a student need to be honest with yourself and devote time in understanding the concepts and more so in application ability of the concepts. More often than not student resort to the short cut technique of mapping a given problem with solved examples or see solution or resort to teacher to solve it. Remember, if you are chasing questions you will never feel confident whereas if you are chasing concepts and devote time to try to solve it yourself and analyse where you have gone wrong, chances are you will feel good about yourself and do well.

Your consistency of scores is a direct function of a lot of academic and your behavioral factors. At times most students focus on academic inputs but may not that much on their behavioral front. Please understand, consistency comes if you are well equipped with all conceptual and application ability, do practice in the right way, do not resort to shortcuts like mapping solved examples or seeing solutions and most importantly your exam temperament and exam taking strategies aligned with your strength and weakness. 

Solving all questions does not guarantee you success in exams. Please understand questions are infinite but concepts are limited. If you chase questions, chances are you may or may not do well but if you chase concepts and application of concepts, you will always do well. 

Well, mistakes are not silly. You must be silly to commit the mistake. One more thing, at times we pass our mistakes on as a silly one without analyzing it. If you do so you will inevitably find there are gaps in your learning process may be from previous grades or may be issue with your temperaments and focus. Please note, database way of managing Mathematics and Science problems will not help in the long run though it might fetch you dividend in the short run. As told earlier chase concepts not questions. If you forget formula it is a clear sign that you have not understood and internalized the concept.

If you have realized it, we think you are in the right track. Most students will have some issues or the other in their lower grades concepts. Once you identify that you must take immediate steps to rectify it. Unfortunately many students won’t come out in the open to acknowledge and take proactive measures to rectify it and most teachers won’t have the time to do so. We @ DCGURUKUL are always proactive in identifying your gaps and suggesting and taking remedial measure to make you feel confident.  

If you are aspiring to make your career in Mathematics or Science field, we suggest you have an idea about what would come your way in higher grades and how what you are studying today will be relevant for you. Most students may fail to do so and most teachers also hardly make an attempt to make the students realize. You as a student do stand to gain if you focus on the conceptual understanding and application of what you are studying today not only in your board exams but also for your higher grades.

Well, we @DCGURUKUL do not blame you if you feel so about Mathematics and Science. May be the way you have been introduced to Mathematics and Science in your earlier academic years deserves a lot more. We sure would like to ensure that your journey in Mathematics and Science at-least for the period you are with us will be enjoyable and we will make it our mission to help you to do your best of your potential in your board exam. May be you would start appreciating the fascinating world of Maths and Science.  

You have to know your learning style as a learner, your fit with your mentor style or the channel you are choosing to learn from. Please note, just by going to tuitions or watching online videos will not guarantee that you will learn Mathematics and Physics. If you require hand holding to apply concepts, do ask for it. Unfortunately tuitions where a large number of students go, you may not be the priority. We @ DCGURUKUL, treat individual student as important and we work closely with you and your family to ensure that your learning is holistic and lifelong and in the process ensure that you score well in the school exams and most importantly Board exams. 

Key Highlights of the Program

Most students make the mistake of treating the learning in 11th and 12th chapter/topic wise. Reality is all subjects are a series of interconnecting puzzles and the topics or chapters are pieces of it. Chances are that if you don’t pick the right order of studying the pieces, connect the DOTS, solving the bigger puzzle would be a night mare. @DCGURUKUL, we understand it better than most and hence we constantly encourage our students to keep interconnecting them. You can see it for yourself- What does IIT’s check you for? Can you apply multiple concepts in a single problem?

In most school or coaching or tuition centres learning is a Monologue and teachers delivers and students listen. While you listen, you think you understood. Yes you are right but partially. You understood but not assimilated and felt those concepts. This gets reflected when you start solving problems. @ DCGURUKUL, we encourage you to participate in discussion with your mentor and at times ask you to teach to your fellow mentor and group so that whatever you thought you understood will be challenged and you get a better perspective of the concepts

Pace of Learning is Independent of the group. Student can cover syllabus faster if they are up for it. Students can  Aligned their study with SCHOOL syllabus and exams and no student is judged good or bad based on their prior knowledge.

Please Note: This feature will is available for Classroom Program students. For Online students- Mentor will decide the pace of learning and there will be fixed schedule to be followed. 

Emphasis on Subjective as well as Objective Problem solving Skills through guided practice sessions in class, home works or tests. Please note, ideal preparation is one where you can solve a problem without options and for MCQ’s ideal preparation is one where you can for sure say by applying concepts and logic why three others would be wrong.

We do not follow a batch system. Your batch starts the day you join us. It can happen that 3 of you and your friends are studying together but each can study different topics/subjects or can have a different time slot based on individual requirements. In most Coaching Institutions, you will be looked after only if they know you can crack it with or without them. Many students who if provided little handholding could have made it. @DCGURUKUL, you are important. We work with you to maximize your chances of success. 

Please Note: This feature will is available for Classroom Program students. For Online students-  there will be fixed batch system to be followed. 

We do understand that your parents might have invested heavily on Coaching Institution or Integrated Program in School or in Online/App based learning companies or You may be just contemplating of starting preparation. @DCGURUKUL, We work around your existing system and your existing time commitments based on your requirements. We compliment your existing system and if it works out you can depend on us for your entire learning need to achieve your goal

Please Note: This feature is available only for Classroom program students. For online students- time slot will be fixed.

@DCGURUKUL we will be there with you till you finish your desired purpose of joining us, be it Boards or IIT-JEE, NEET, CET or any other competitive exams. We do not leave you half way or in between. We are there for you, with you till the last day or your last exam that you have entrusted us. 

Learn concepts, assimilate concepts, feel the concepts- close your eyes and visualize the concepts and then apply the concepts. @DCGURUKUL, we believe in two kinds of practice- 1. One that challenges and clears your conceptual and application ability and 2. One that improves your speed and accuracy. Just imagine, if you have not understood properly a particular topic and if you appear for a test- You know the result. Loss of confidence or simply you don’t care. @DCGURUKUL, we ensure you have sufficient practice one step at a time.    

We @DCGURUKUL work closely with You and your family not only on Your academic front but also on Your Behavioral and Temperamental front so that You MAXIMISE your chances of SUCCESS. We have a 360 degree feedback mechanism with your family. You can think of us as your support staff and You as the CEO,  where only aim is your well-being and Success- Academically, Mentally and Physically. Remember it’s a team effort- but CEO’s effort and contribution is more.

Program and Class duration and timings

Model 1: Integrated- starts April first week- 2020- till the last day of last exam – March/April/May 2021 depending on the purpose for which you joined us.

Model 2: Any Combination of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry- You decide your time frame

Each session is 2 hours duration. 

Classes are open from 4pm to 8pm on Weekdays and 9am-1pm and 3pm – 7pm on weekends. You will be allocated a 2 hours slot. However depending on emergency you can tweak your timing if number of seats are available. Since we focus on individual learning, your time slot can be adjusted as per mutual convenience.

Depending on the subjects undertaken, number of classes in a week may vary from minimum 2 classes per week to 4 classes per week. For students who are studying all three subjects, additional number of classes may/will be allocated depending on their existing time commitments and number of students at that time in a group. Only Weekday, Weekday-Weekend Combined, Only Weekends options are available.

At any time slot, number of students is restricted to 5 (five) students per group.

Who should consider joining

The next 10-12 months of your effort is going to make or break or delay take off of your career. Think about this the last 12 to 15 years of study and hard-work that you and your family have put is going to culminate after grade XII. You can call this Stage of 1 of your life. Your next stage is dependent on how you perform in this stage. So you need to be extremely focused and determined. Another important aspect is you must have sufficient time at your disposal for your own practice and time for assimilation and internalization of what your learnt in the day. Running around multiple places, or surfing or watching You tube videos or recorded lectures, may not help you much. You must prioritize your time, every day for the next 10-12 months. Don’t forget- periodic revision of what you have studied earlier.

If you are not enrolled anywhere or dropped out of Coaching Institution or you are doing an integrated program in your School or enrolled in Online Programs or App based programs and feel the need to have some system or someone to guide and mentor you and You have time for OUR Mentorship program, You are Welcome to join US. 

If you are already enrolled in some Coaching Institution and your parents have paid the fee already, we suggest you continue there and may be consider joining us for your special purpose needs provided time is there for you to spare. It can be any special needs in Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry. If things are not working out at all in your current system, you can consider shifting your entire preparation with us. We won’t disappoint you at any stage provided we have free slots. 

We are based out of Bangalore. Please check our address. If you have to travel for more than 20 minutes to reach OUR location at your desired time slot, we suggest you look for an alternate time slot when traffic will be less else we suggest you look for alternative like our online program or any other suitable options. Travelling in Bangalore is a serious pain and we do understand that and more so if you have to be picked dropped and picked up by your parents.

Fee structure

The actual model of fee will be discussed during initial one to one interaction with your parents and after understanding your requirements. 

Only for those students who depends on our expertise for all three subjects or students who are there with us for the entire duration of the program. The fee amount will depend on understanding your requirements, subject preferences and number of days per week and your current academic level

For those students who have specific requirement for a subject or two subjects and time is scarce for them. They do not control their time. Their availability of time is dependent on their existing system of study. We will work out the hourly rate depending on your requirements and time commitments per week/month and the duration it might take us to complete your requirements

Students who have specific requirements and they want to finish their topics/syllabus within a stipulated time frame.

A combination or a customized fee structure model can be worked out depending on your need and your requirements.

How to Join?

Face to face interaction with You and your Parents to understand your requirements, current level and aspirations and Parental expectations of the mentorship program. If face to face meeting not possible- Skype call can be organized. You can either call us or write to us with your and your parent preferred time of meeting or alternately you ask us to call back to set up the meeting. Please check our number and contact us information. One to one meeting is crucial in our student on boarding process. 

Once you and your Parents feel comfortable and we also feel that we can contribute meaningfully in your career aspirations and exceed your Parental expectations- together, we will finalize the number of days and timing for You keeping in mind your existing schedule be it school or coaching Institution or any other place that you are engaged with.

Discussion of fee/commercial terms based on your number of days/hours per week and your requirements. Once that is decided and finalized with your parents and a token Advance fee is received as a confirmation

                                   You are Welcome to DCGURUKUL

Program specific FAQ's

Yes, You can. However the Program specific conditions for Online Program will be applicable. Changing to classroom program at a later stage will depend on the availability of slots when you choose to join us for classroom programs.

Yes, you can choose any combination. However preference will be given to students who are choosing any two or all three combinations of subjects irrespective of their choice of Board or Engineering or Medical or all.

Since our classroom program features offers you flexibility, you can do so. However, your choice of time slots will be dependent upon number of students who have already availed that slot. 

Classroom programs offer the maximum flexibility of learning for students. You can shift to online mode provided we are running the online program at that time, number of slots available in Online mode and the stage of course progression. Program specific conditions of Online programs will be applicable..

Fee for the program has to be as per agreed terms by bank transfer (IMPS) to designated account that would be shared with you/your parents.Reference number for the fee paid transaction to be shared every time a fee payment is made as per terms agreed and your parent will receive an acknowledgement mail for the same. You will be required to pay Program booking advance amount at the time of booking your slot. Advance booking amount is non refundable.

Currently, we do not offer any refund policy for this program or any of our program.