Mathematics for generation Y

Mathematics for Grade VI to XII
(Number System, Arithmetic-ratio-percentage, profit and loss, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Matrices and Determinants, Geometry- 2D-3D, Conics, Coordinate Geometry-2D- 3D, Polar, Vector Algebra, Trigonometry, Complex Numbers, Set Theory, Pre-Calculus, Functions- Quadratic, Cubic, exponential, logarithmic, Graphs, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Differential Equations, Set theory, Linear Programming, Probability and much more)

Chemistry for generation Y

Chemistry for Grade VI to XII
(Physical: Laws of Chemistry, Stoichiometry, Atomic Structure, Electronic configurations, Chemical bonding, Molecular structure, Gas laws, Thermodynamics, Chemical and ionic equilibrium, Redox reactions, Electrochemistry, Chemical kinetics, Solutions, Surface chemistry much more
Inorganic: Periodic table, Hydrogen, S-P-D-F-Block elements, Coordination compounds, Metallurgy and much more
Organic Chemistry: IUPAC Nomenclature, Isomerism, Organic reactions and intermediaries, Organic reactions, Aliphatic and Aromatics hydrocarbons, Haloalkanes, Haloarenes, Alcohols, Phenols, Ethers. Aldehydes, Ketones, Carboxylic acids, Amins, Polymers, Biomolecules and much more)

Physics for generation Y

Physics for Grade VI to XII
(Units and Dimensions, Kinematics- 1D-2D-3D,, Laws of Motion, Rigid Body dynamics, Work-Energy, Properties of Solids and Liquids, Kinetic theory of gases, Gravitation, Thermodynamics, Sound, Light, Waves: mechanical- electromagnetic, Electrostatics, Current electricity, Magnetism, Alternating current, Dual nature of Radiation and matter, X-Rays, Atomic structure and nulei, Semiconductors and much more)

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Welcome to DCGURUKUL

A Unique Individualized Mentoring program by IIT- IIM Alumni

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We @ DCGURKUL understand the grave situation that all of us are in today’s environment. It is imperative to stay safe but at the same time we understand your anxiety to go out there and learn. We are offering LIVE-INTERACTIVE Classroom that you can access only with a laptop or a desktop and an internet conncetion from the safety and security of your home. Check our offerings below

No Prerecorded Lectures

We @ DCGURUKUL understand the nuances of Online Education and Online Tutoring. We understand the pain points student go through in the name of Online education. We keep your learning at the Core and all your doubts are cleared instantly while you are interacting with your mentor during the session.Feel like the real classroom.


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We @ DCGURUKUL believe in the fundamental philosophy that every child is unique and has an inherent potential. 

We work closely with you and your family in terms of setting academic benchmarks for yourself, mentoring and hand holding you to feel confident about yourself academically, providing constant inputs on your behaviourial and academic competencies with the sole objective of maximising your potential and increasing your chances of success. 

We do understand that every parent wants their child to be the best and so do we. We constantly work with you, for you so that we can make that incremental difference to your life. 

Whatever be the academic stage of your life you are in, we are there to mentor you, guide you and hand hold you and most importantly won’t judge you at any stage. Feel free to check our Classroom offerings depending on your academic grade and objectives. 

We look forward to welcome you and your family to DCGURUKUL.  

Grade VI-IX

Whether you are looking to Ace your School exams, Build a solid conceptual foundation for yourself, minimize your errors, develop love for a subject- we got it covered. Whether you are in CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB or State Board, we are there for you. Check our courses on how we can help you

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Grade XI

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Grade XII- Mission 2021

Tried everything!!! coaching centres, online, apps but still not confident of solving problems or thrash out the misconceptions or connecting the dots across concepts and subjects or woken up late after a poor performance in grade XI, whatever be your situation, we have solutions for you. Check our classroom course

Competitive Exams - 2021/22

Looking forward to book a seat in IIT's, IISC, NIT's, AIIMS or other top College in 2021. We help you to do just that. Programs are customised as per your need and without altering your existing schedule. We compliment you in your endeavour. Be it IIT-JEE Mains or Advanced, NEET, KCET or any others. Check our course

International Students

Whether You are based in USA, Singapore or Middle-east, our on-line tutoring program is perfect to compliment your school curriculum. In-depth concept coverage, hand holding you to apply concepts learned and be with you every week to ace your school test or help you prepare for competitive exams-click below

Students of Boards and Associations we currently serve

Principal Mentor and founder


B-Tech- IIT Chennai, PGDM- IIM Lucknow (Ranked 90th All India in IIT-JEE 1994), Certified E-commerce Expert.

Successfully built, operated and exited  two Organizations in Education Space with 300+ employees and cumulative revenue of over $25mn, Shaped careers of more than 30000+ students, , Advisor to CBSE Skill Mission, Represented Government of India for Skill mission to New-Zealand, 2013, Actively involved in start-up ecosystem. 

Personally Mentored more than 8000+ students to excel in their School exams, Competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, CET, PSAT, SAT, CAT and other competitive exams and helped shaping careers of more than 30,000+ students

Mentor and teach students across Globe from USA, SINGAPORE, Middle-East and mentor Kids @ DCGURUKUL who  wants to excel in their Academic and Professional life. Also Advisor to couple of B2B start-ups and a part-time Investment Banker. Retired from active Corporate life.

Why Choose Us?

@ DCGURUKUL our focus is on your own learning and development even though you may be in a group, you will be learning as per your requirement. Pace of Learning is Independent of the group. Student can cover syllabus faster if they are up for it.

In school or in any coaching institution, teacher speaks and students listen. Students are not encouraged to actively participate, simply because teacher cannot afford time for individual attention in a group of 30 or 40. @DCGURUKUL, we encourage student to actively participate in the learning discussion and as a result, student’s learning is more effective.

Concepts are the foundation blocks for learning. But many students may understand the concepts but at the same time they might develop some misconceptions along the way which hinders their ability to apply concepts in problem solving scenarios. @DCGURUKUL we constantly keep focus on student’s conceptual prowess and thrash out any misconceptions through guided problem solving. Emphasis on Subjective as well as Objective Problem solving Skills

@DCGURUKUL we keep our group size limited to 5 students per group for classroom programs and 8-10 students per group for Online programs, so that we can focus on each individual student learning and development.

Most students do not ask their doubts in school class or in a coaching centre class for the fear of getting judged by either Teacher or Peers or both. @DCGURUKUL we create a fun-loving atmosphere for learning where student can ask their doubts freely without fear of getting judged. That creates an ideal atmosphere for learning.

Rapport of student and mentor is critical for student learning and development. In most schools and coaching Institutions, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry will be taught by three different teachers leaving the leaving the student with the toughest part- CONNECTING THE DOTS. Someone’s Physics may be weak because of Mathematics prowess or Someone’s Chemistry may be weak because of power of Visualization or Someone Mathematics may be weak because of Conceptual misunderstanding or mindset. @DCGURUKUL, we assign Mentors who has done it themselves and who will remain with the student for the entire journey @DCGURUKUL, understand their strengths and weakness across topics and subjects  and help them connect the dots across concepts and subjects.

The best way to learn is by helping others to learn a concept/topic. @DCGURUKUL we take this mantra seriously and that’s why we conduct periodic sessions where student will be required to teach their fellow mentor or peers or juniors or seniors a particular topic or concept and in the process getting more clarity in their own understanding and thrashing out their own misconceptions if any they might have developed knowingly or unknowingly. These sessions also helps boost student’s confidence and public speaking skills which will go a long way beyond their school or board or any competitive exams.

Most students who are enrolled in a coaching institution or tuition centres face a unique dilemma. What topic is currently taught in school is very different from what is getting taught in coaching institutions or tuition centres. Students are confused as they are not able to prioritize as a result of which they are unable to perform their best in school or in coaching institution tests. @DCGURUKUL we always encourage to align students to pace their learning with school and we supplement their learning by giving them additional inputs on concepts on topics currently taught so that they are prepared for school and any competitive exams. It’s a common myth that School/Board study is different from competitive exams study or competitive exams study is harder. We do not encourage that. Think it logically, concepts do not change be it School or Board or Competitive exams. We focus on conceptual learning.

Students can opt for a flexible timing if the given time slot is interfering with their other current system of study. Flexible time options are available only for Classroom program students. However we do encourage student to fix time schedule as that will help them to be more disciplined.

@DCGURUKUL we do not set any learning boundaries for students irrespective of their Grades. Even a student of Grade VI can be introduced Complex number system or Organic chemistry concepts or Wave and particle nature of matter or Calculus depending on their learning prowess and inquisitive nature of knowing more without compromising on their short term goal of doing well in School/Competitive exams.

@DCGURUKUL we believe that Criminal Errors should be minimized. Any error that a student does is categorized into Criminal errors and Conceptual errors. Each requires a different treatment. We also have a 360 degree feedback mechanism with parents. We constantly provide inputs to parents and hold regular sessions where we provide inputs in Behavioral competencies and Examination temperament of students.

@DCGURUKUL, we provide Complete handholding till the student finish their desired purpose of joining the mentorship program be it School Exams, Board Exams or Competitive Exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, KCET or any others. We are there with you till your last day of the exam gets over for which you have chosen us.